1) Question:

Why should I protect my engine with an Oil Mist Detection system instead of main bearing temp. control or other equivalent devices as mentioned by SOLAS regulations


With main bearing temp. control, you detect the main bearings only.

A single Oil Mist Detection system can protect main bearings, big end bearings, pigeons, cylinder liners, pistons, crosshead (2-stroke), on some engines even the camshaft with its bearings, shortly spoken all moving parts inside the engine where surfaces are gliding.

Also the so called 'equivalent devices (SOLAS)' on the market so far are far not able to offer a protection and versatibility, an Oil Mist Detection system does.


2) Question:

What engine sizes should be protected by an Oil Mist Detection system against Crankcase explosions ?


The SOLAS regulations, fire precautions regulates that Marine Diesel engines from 2250 kW or cylinder bore >300 mm have to be protected against crankcase explosions by a) an Oil Mist Detector, b) main bearing temp. control devices or c) equivalent devices.

As no relevant regulations are existing for the same engine types and sizes to be used in power plants, cases are known of crankcase explosions with bad consequences for men and material.

Following SCHALLER Automation's experience, more and more engine manufacturers are deciding to offer Oil Mist Detection systems to protect their engines from sizes around 900 kW and 160 mm cylinder bore.


3) Question:

Engines of what make are protected by SCHALLER Oil Mist Detectors ?


Schaller Automation, since 1976, has delivered more than 53,000 oil mist detectors worldwide.

Every year, approximately 1700 new oil mist detectors are being installed on engines.