Retrofit / Conversion

Even if Your engine is not equipped with an OMD as a Safety Device to avoid crankcase explosion, or if You are not satisfied with the performance of an existing OMD system, we can offer a solution:

- Retrofit: subsequent installation of a Schaller VISATRON VN/87Plus can be made on nearly every engine model.

- Conversion: converting an existing OMD system to Schaller VISATRON VN/87Plus can help to save cost of ownership, and improve the availability of Your engine. Normally we can try to re- use parts of the original installation to minimize efforts and downtime.

 For details, please contact Your local Service Provider or Schaller Automation After Sales directly:

Schaller Automation Office Hamburg
Admiralitaetstrasse 60
D-20459 Hamburg
Tel: +40 40 253 2985 - 10
Fax:+40 40 253 2985 - 29
Person in Charge: Mr Joerg Mohrmann

For all projects we suggest and offer an initial visit and evaluation on site prior to Quotation. Engineering, installation and start-up is part of our portfolio.

For executed installations see: