Oil Mist Detector by Schaller Automation

Schaller Automation is one of the pioneers of Oil Mist Detectors. Since the late 1960's, VISATRON Oil Mist Detection systems protect large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines all over the world. So far, more than 53.000 successful OMD installations have been accumulated, directing the company to be the market leader in this specialized field. Most important manufacturers of large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines, such as Wärtsilä, MAN, Caterpillar, together with most of their licensees all over the world trust in a crankcase protection of their engines by SCHALLER AUTOMATION's VISATRON Oil Mist Detection Systems. But the systems are not only installed onboard ships but also on engines in Diesel and Gas power plants all over the world from ca. 1000 kW engine power. Feel free to read more about SCHALLER AUTOMATION and our product philosophy.


History and development OMD systems

In 1947, 28 crewmen and engineers died when a crankcase explosion onboard the Reina del Pacifico occurred. This event led to the development of Oil mist detectors. Of course there had been crankcase explosions before this, but none which had such devastating consequences. Between 1990 and 2001, 143 crankcase explosions were reported to Lloyds Register which has about 20% of the world shipping in its class. So, using this as a factor, an estimation of total reported incidents were 715 in 11 years or about 65 a year. Taking into consideration that these are only reported incidents where the damage sustained has warranted a major repair or has resulted an injury, minor explosions may have gone unreported and it is likely that the actual number of incidents is much more than those reported. This figures emphasized the necessity of Oil mist detectors.


Oil Mist Detectors - Required safety

Of those incidents reported to Lloyds, 21 explosions happened in two stroke engines and 122 in four stroke engines. But this does not mean that four stroke engines are more likely to have an explosion; there are 7 times as many four stroke engines at risk than two stroke engines. For that reason an OMD or as an alternative Bearing Temperature Monitoring Systems are required for all large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines. For more information click here.

Crankcase explosions are causing:

  • danger to human health
  • high financial losses
  • long Engine / vessels downtimes

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Source: www.marinediesels.info

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