Power Plant Protection

Operating power plants does include a certain risk of engine damage originated by e.g a failing main or conrod slide ring bearing or a piston seizure. As a result, consequential damage may occur, such as crankcase explosions due to igniting oil mist being generated by such an intial friction damage.


Occuring accidents 1-2 times a week

Those phenomena are quite well documented and investigated within the marine business, as very similar engine types are being operated there.

According a major technical surveillance authority*, 1-2 times a week, severe crankcase explosions in an engine aboard ship on sea around the world are occurring –despite safety rules being far more strict compared to those for land based power plant applications.



Schaller Automation’s VISATRON Oil Mist Detection Systems are designed to protect your power plant engine against crankcase explosions and their severe consequences for human health and material loss.


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*UK based classification society Lloyds Register of Shipping